Although we are a country which purports to love and protect our wildlife, there is NO state or federal funding for wildlife rehabilitation. Governmental Agencies heavily regulate the activity, but they do not support it.

Most wildlife rehabilitators not only don’t get paid for their services, but they must also raise the funding to support this work. Many have outside employment to cover the cost of rehabilitation in addition to their own living expenses.

It is difficult for any person to devote the time, space, and money to rehabilitate wildlife properly.

Those who dedicate their lives to the hundreds, even thousands of animals which come through their doors each year, do so because of a deep devotion to their charges.


Your POCKET REFERENCE GUIDE to injured or orphaned wild animals!

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When rescuing injured wildlife, the choices you make will impact that animal’s life and possibly your own. Knowing about the risks to the animal as well as to you, your family and your pets, along with the right advice from the beginning can mean the difference between a heartwarming, educational experience and disaster.

This informative guide teaches would-be rescuers how to identify an animal in need, capture that animal, and safely transport it to a wildlife rehabilitator.

• How to determine the status of an injured creature using easy-to-follow flow charts
• Instructions on safe-capture methods, emergency care, transportation, and finding a professional wildlife rehabilitator